We were sailing without a compass when sea bandits did jump us
And chained us down in the hold.
One by one we were tortured. The bandits said, "We'll torch your
"Vessel for the gold."
There's a madman at the helm, steering us through the Devil's Realm.

We swam from the burning timbers, dodging falling cinders
'Til we climbed up on dry land.
We crawled across a desert, breathing 'til my chest hurt
And a demon brushed my hand.
These days are hotter than a kiln as we crawl through the Devil's Realm.

Bloated corpses everywhere, rotting in the burning air
As we moved toward a distant oasis.
The demon said as we headed south, "You'll get no water in your mouth.
"There's a crater where your face is."
The stench of death can overwhelm a seeker in the Devil's Realm.

Above the pool there was a tree, cut and nailed into a "T."
The demon shimmied to the top.
They hung him there despite his tears that served to quiet all our fears,
And suddenly the world did stop.
A hanging tree cut from elm is all that's left in the Devil's Realm.

Copyright 2004 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García
August 25-26, 2003 Monterey, CA


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