I came out of the forest to the river's edge.
I lay down for a rest and some sacrilege.
I prayed not to some spirit no one ever saw.
I listened 'til I could hear it: The Singing River God.

He asked me what I wanted more than life itself.
I said my heart was clotted by a demon's spell.
I need a brand new start. I need a sense of awe.
"Grow another heart," sang the Singing River God.

He sang, "You are agile because you're fragile.
"Come dance across the river rocks. Bend and sway inside the spray.
"Absorb the blows, take the shocks. Keep your spirit raw,"
    sang the River God.

I climbed back through the redwoods across the forest floor.
I flew above the deadwood, then began to soar.
My body had a new part because I broke the law.
I stole the flowing heart of the Singing River God.

Copyright 2004 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García
Lyrics: September 11, 1999  Music: January 17, 2000
Monterey, CA


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