Victoria rises before the sun.
She wakes me up for video and milk.
I wave good-bye to my sweet dreams
And leave my wife in sheets of silk.

Before I pop the video in,
Baby wants to go out to play.
I'm barely awake and stumblin'.
I hug my daughter and I say,

"Not right now, Victoria.
"I'm still recovering from last night
"When we built a house out of chairs
"And Mom and I dressed up as bears
"And danced a ballet for ya.
"Not right now, Victoria!"

When I finally get her bathed and dressed,
I squeeze some juice and fry an egg.
But Victoria's ready to go to the beach.
I hide her swimming suit and say,

"Not today, Victoria.
"I'm still recovering from last night
"When you chased the cat up a tree
"Then locked the door and lost the key.
"We don't mean to bore ya.
"Not today, Victoria!"

By evening I can barely stand.
Victoria's just starting her day.
She wants to go to Mexico.
I hide her sombrero and I say,

"Not tonight, Victoria.
"I'm still recovering from today
"When we rode our bikes to the store
"And you wanted to buy more and more.
"It's not I don't adore ya.
"Not tonight, Victoria!"

Copyright 2004 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo Garíia
Lyrics: October 7, 2000 Monterey, CA
Music: May 7, 2003


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