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Family Romance

FAMILY ROMANCE, a term I burgled from Freud, is the title of a one-man autobiographical musical theater piece I wrote in 2001. These are the songs from it. I wrote them between 1972 and 2000. All of the lyrics are featured on my Web site, www.reinaldogarcia.com. I dedicate this project to all of my family members, dead or alive. -Reinaldo García, Monterey, CA, August 2006

Produced by Reinaldo García...Engineered by Richard Bryant...Mixed by Richard Bryant and Reinaldo García...Mastered by Chet McCracken...Cover Art Concept: Reinaldo García...Cover Art Execution: Greg Klinger...Back Cover Photo: of Reinaldo García, Point Arena Cemetery, August 1974...CD Tray Photo: of Victoria Brandon, Mineral King, June 2005...Cover Photo: of The Romantic Family, Los Angeles, 1961

Musicians: Reinaldo García, acoustic guitar, lead vocals; Yuji Tojo, guitars; Endre Tarczy, bass; Jim Norris, drums; David Kempton, organ; Ramon Vallejo, piano, organ (On The Grindstone); John Close, strings (The Red Moon Ecstasies); Karin Phoenix, Richard Bryant, Andrea Carter, back-up vocals; Rachel Wryly, lead vocals (Razorback).

Ron at six years olda baby is born.
then what?
the baby becomes a child,
the child grows into an adult...
well, goodluck!
and like the changeless moon
over and over he must become
new, somehow new--
changeless yet new in the stifling
sky of heredity.

what intricate complexities
string the harp of our souls.
listen awhile.
and from the nurtured instrument
a song may arise with many singers.
mother, father, sister and brother--
even aunts and uncles and grandmother

they each will have their say in the artist’s
‘overcoming’ of influences.
for ‘overcoming’ is what the artist does--
if he’s lucky...
societal, religious, parental...
all must be overcome.

well, goodluck!

but in this collection, in reinaldo garcía’s
‘family romance’... in spite of,  or perhaps
because of ‘the stifling sky of heredity’
we give witness with our ears to a new
moon of music.  we give witness with
our ears to the full-man singing, like
a full moon ‘overcoming’ in the stifling
sky of heredity.

david wayne dunn
big sur, california
2006 july

  1. Family Romance (2:53) (García)
  2. On The Grindstone (5:14) (García)
  3. The Fate of Rosie BlueRain (5:26) (García)
  4. 3311 Hamilton Way (3:15) (García)
  5. Glenn Annie Road, Storke Rd., Next Right (3:46) (García)
  6. The Red Moon Ecstasies (4:44) (García)
  7. Fool For Love (4:08) (García)
  8. Until I Get It Right (4:23) (García)
  9. Bright Flame (4:11) (García)
  10. Alma, My Dear (2:38) (García)
  11. Memory & Desire (2:52) (García)
  12. My Barefoot Chicanita (3:26) (García)
  13. The Older I Get, The Better I Was (4:36) (García)

Bonus Track:

  1. Razorback (2:29) (García/Armstrong)

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