Reinaldo Garcia


Religion No Dominion

Tonight reveals the secrets of the forest.
You rise, although you need more rest.
Go out where the satyrs celebrate.
See how creatures savagely do mate.
Your ways, they have no dominion here.
These days, your teachers are the wolves and deer.

Full moon's reflected in the creek.
Thunder rolls around the mountain peaks.

You see a nymph gyrating in the glen.
You follow as she dances through the fen.
She turns and sees you hanging from a branch.
Her silk gown sways and sends you in a trance.
Moonlight coats her smile she smiles at you.
Tonight she'll heal the wound tormenting you.

Full moon, surrounded by the stars,
Watches as Venus copulates with Mars.

Your religion no dominion here.

                                         Copyright 2007 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo GarcĂ­a
                                           September 2, 2006 Rancho San Clemente, CA

Religion No Dominion