Reinaldo Garcia



I was taught being good meant good would come to me.
I was good. It caused calamity.
If I had joined the local church, I would be popular.
But I chose my secret search to see how soft you were.
This isn't what I wanted. This isn't what I planned.
I remain undaunted in my castle made of sand.

I journied here to the end of the world to see what I would find.
Rocks and trees and gentle winds blow the Universal Mind.
When my face collapsed on me, I never thought to ask
If it's wise for surgery to reconstruct a mask.
Last night's desperation is now gone.
What was so important departed with the dawn.

Witnesses are now surrounding me.
I study you, you're like the Coral Sea:
Turquoise blue, red and emerald.
One day I'll drown, diving for your gold.
Breathe deep before you do exhale
Some exotic life into this nightingale.

Stay out of hospitals, stay out of courts.

What is that falling from the skies?
Is it water, bringing medical supplies?
Or has it come to bring the latest flood
To feed the virus gestating in our blood?
All my muscles are now hard.
I exercise naked in my backyard.

Watch only comedies and contact sports.

Warriors, they always fascinate.
What do they wear beneath their armor plate?
Take a peek before they bury you.
It took a week for one to marry you.
I'm now a naked samurai,
Posing in the sun, trying to catch your eye.

Instrumental section

I need massive therapy
So I can seduce the princess meant for me.

Repeat first verse and chorus

Copyright 2007 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo GarcĂ­a
August, 2006 Rancho San Clemente, CA