Reinaldo Garcia


Beginners Again

Darling, let's forget the past. If we want to bad enough,
We'll annihilate our history, and live a life of splendid love.
Even the dirtiest of sinners have been
Beginners again.

(Instrumental section)

Love is long when memory is short.
We'll leave the stormy seas and sail to port.

Baby, soften up your heart. Look out on the harbor lights,
Bobbing as the sun goes down, lighting silhouettes of kites.
We'll have twilit strolls and dinners at ten.
Beginners again.

Lover, let's remember when we didn't know the word "good-bye."
Midnight's here, put on your hiking boots and we'll go striding high
After the storms when winter begins.
Beginners again.

Copyright 2007 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo GarcĂ­a
Lyrics: December 28-29, 2005 Music: January 8, 2006 Monterey, CA

Beginners Again

Reinaldo and Sandra
Santa Monica Pier