Boys & Girls Together

There's a light in the garden after midnight.
A faerie lamp spills some light
On sweethearts who entered the gates to gather
Aromatic fruits of boys & girls together.

Creep in close behind the hedge.
Hear the sighing girls on the edge
Of pleasures dark with love forever
Entwined in the loins of boys & girls together.

Imperial nature rules forever:
Boys & girls together.

In your hiding place you will be discovered
By faerie guardians of the lovers
Who will condemn you, exiled forever
From the savage garden of boys & girls together.

See them disappearing in the heather:
Boys & girls together.

Copyright 2007 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo GarcĂ­a
May 24, 2006 (Happy 65th b.d, B.D.) Monterey, CA

Boys and Girls Together

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