Reinaldo Garcia


After Your Collapse

Livin' high on the hog made a pig outta me.
I slurped the offal and chewed the debris.
I'm a parasite feeding on table scraps.
They're all that's left after your collapse.

The gravy train dragged me to Paradise.
Soon my fingers were tangled in vice.
Where I am now ain't on no maps.
I'm driftin' at sea after your collapse.

A naked cowboy's dressed in chaps,
He'll dance tonight on ladies' laps.
The audience of one, she claps
And sings your praise after your collapse.

Now I fear my life is done.
A willow tree blocks out the sun.
The lanky bugle boy blows taps.
The notes hang high in the air after your collapse.

Copyright 2007 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo GarcĂ­a
October 6, 2005 Monterey, CA

After Your Collapse