Reinaldo Garcia


My Pa

I climbed Dry Bone Mountain
For to see my Pa,
Through the mist, and the snow,
Lookin' for that old outlaw.

My Pa killed a man. My Pa, he did escape.
My Pa disappeared way beyond the dirty landscape.

I got there just as the sun fell off the edge of the earth.
He looked at me, I looked at him, wond'rin' how I survived my birth.

My Pa, silent man. My Pa, he just stood there.
My Pa disappeared into the black mountain air.

I climbed a boulder. Stepped off into space.
I spread my arms wide.
I saw my Pa. I gave chase.

Instrumental section

My Pa fell to earth. My Pa, he was just a man.
My Pa disappeared. It was always part of the plan.

Copyright 2007 NADJA MUSIC Monterey, CA
Lyrics: Reinaldo GarcĂ­a February 7, 2007
Music: Andrew Parker

My Pa