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Erin d'Quincy MacLeod Interviews Reinaldo García for Scene Magazine



Reinaldo García
The Fontanelles

  1. Your Latest Masterpiece 2:41
  2. 2SB 3:15
  3. After Your Collapse 2:46
  4. Boys & Girls Together 3:12
  5. Victoria’s Secrets 3:10
  6. Beginners Again 3:10
  7. Empyricon 5:06
  8. Religion No Dominion 4:02
  9. San Joaquin Valley Dream 3:26
  10. People of the Tongue 3:31
  11. My Pa (Parker/García) 2:24
  12. Lazy Summer Song. 4:11
  13. Universal Smile 3:51
  14. The Sentence 5:08
  15. Deliverance Day 4:48
  16. Upside Down World 3:40
  17. Open Window 3:36

Total Running Time: 62:59
Produced by Reinaldo García
Except where noted, all songs composed by
Reinaldo García © 2007, NADJA MUSIC

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Liner Notes

Beyond Your Latest Masterpiece's viral paranoia and 2SB's easy fingerpointing, we pass through a collapsed love affair to the savage garden where boys and girls frolic after midnight. You are forbidden entry, but Victoria's Secrets unlock another gate, where love's redemptive power reigns, and we become Beginners Again.

Empyricon celebrates suburban delights, and from there we journey into the forest primeval where no religion can be found, and wood nymphs cavort under the moon. The San Joaquin Valley Dream, where we lay in fields laid by the hand of man, brings us peace, before we find ourselves stuck in Fresno, calling out to the People of the Tongue. Before we get an answer, we seek the brutal departed father in the towering mountains.

Then it's back down to the Sierra Nevada foothills, a lazy summer lakeside picnic and late night loving, lit by meteors. We then enter the Universal Smile, before doubling back through Walker Pass to the Mojave Desert and its endless highway, to serve The Sentence. Only Deliverance Day can release us into an Upside Down World, where we sit by our Open Window, gazing on the human circus.


Reinaldo Garcia: Producer, lead vocals, harmony vocals, acoustic guitar

Richard Bryant: Engineer, mixer, lead vocals, background vocals, percussion

The Fontanelles:

Yuji Tojo: Acoustic guitars, electric guitars
Endre Tarczy: Bass
Jim Norris: Drums, percussion
David Kempton: Keyboards

Fred Noseworthy: Pedal steel guitar (After Your Collapse)
Gennady Loktionov: Piano (Boys & Girls Together)
John Mirani: Harmonica, background vocals (2SB)
Christina DeVeto: Background vocals, lead vocal
Bishop Mayfield: Lead vocal (People of the Tongue)
Tim Burke: Drums (My Pa)
Andrew Parker: Guitars, bass (My Pa)
Aaron Rauber: Engineer, mixer, background harmonies (My Pa)

Recorded and mixed at Franklin Street Studios and at NADJA Studios,
Monterey, California (October 2006-April 2007)
Mastered by Chet McCracken, Los Angeles, California
Dedicated to my muse, my secret wife

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