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  1. Loch Lomond Meditiation (1:02) (García)
  2. Waiting for My Life to Begin (5:13) (García)
  3. TitaniumFlowers (2:54) (García)
  4. I Love You, Good-bye (4:10) (García)
  5. Yo No Soy Tu Pendejo (3:32) (García)
  6. The Green-Eyed Tattooed Man (2:00) (García)
  7. That Lonely Military Wife (3:14) (García)
  8. That Bitch Is Doggin' Me (3:39) (García)
  9. Not Of This Earth (3:43) (García)
  10. Keep My Heart Half Broken (2:59) (García)
  11. The Bright Twist Of My Soul (4:33) (García)
  12. The Woman You've Become (4:14) (García)
  13. Memorial Day (2:45) (García)


  1. Hoy Yo Se Que Soy Tu Cruz (3:28) (García)
  2. Ornette! Ornette!! (1:32) (García/Wleklinski)
  3. The Path Of Blame (2:59) (García)
  4. Whoever Brought Me Here Must Take Me Home (4:20) (García)

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All lyrics and music written and sung by Reinaldo García (except Loch Lomond Meditation, the music of which is based on a Gurdjieff piano piece)/Produced by Reinaldo García/Engineered by Ted Steinbruner and Rich Williams/Mixed by Justin Mayer and Reinaldo García/Mastered by Justin Mayer (justinm@cruzio.com)/THE BASIC BAND: Guitar: Bill Vallaire; Bass: Allen Boyd; Drums: Curtis Armbrister; Guitar: Reinaldo García/Vocals, Loch Lomond Meditation: Norma Mayer/Background vocals: Gary Goldsworthy, Hiram Fernandez/Keyboards: Gary Goldsworthy (organ, piano), Otis Coen, Pam Flagg, Scott Cooper/Percussion: Hiram Fernandez/Slide Guitar: Jimmy Jackson/ Drums, bass, guitar, accordion, vocals (Yo No Soy Tu Pendejo): Oscar García/Piano (Keep My Heart Half Broken): Bob Phillips/Flute: Pam Flagg/A RAINY DAY AT CHEZ ROGER: All lyrics and music written and sung by Reinaldo García (except Ornette! Ornette!!, the music of which was composed by Andrew Wleklinski)/Reinaldo García: Guitar/Hiram Fernandez: Background vocals, percussion/Richard DeVinck: Classical guitar/Dave Dally: Violins/Andrew Wleklinski: Saxophone/Johnny Morani: Background vocals, harmonica/Engineered by Roger Eddy/Mixed by Noel Gott and Reinaldo García/Mastered by Justin Mayer/Front and back cover photography by Marianne Mangold (FOTAGRA4@aol.com)/Graphic layout by David Lees/Design by Reinaldo García/Thank you to everyone who contributed/Special thanks to Justin Mayer at Bear Creek Recording Studio

Dedicated to Alma Sandra Castro García

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