American jihad.

Boys’re kickin’ cans,
Boys’re flyin’ kites.
Girls’re lookin’ on,
They scratch mosquito bites.

Old man in the mirror,
Muslim at the door.
Canary in the coal mine,
Flying to Lahore.

Sleeper cell jihad.
American jihad.

Twirlin’ hula hoops,
Girls they sing together,
“Boys’re nincompoops,
Nincompoops forever!”

Blown in from the East,
Washed up on the shore,
Comin’ to behead you,
Muslim at the door.

American jihad.
Sleeper cell jihad.

Boys, they play with guns,
Choosin’ up the sides.
All our native sons,
Lookin’ through their sights.

Knockin’ with a saber,
Muslim at the door,
Comin’ for your neighbor,
Hid beneath your floor.

Sleeper cell jihad.
American jihad.

Little Johnny soldier
Picks up Daddy’s gun.
Puts it to his shoulder.
Now the deed is done.

See the body falling,
Muslim on the floor.
Listen, Allah’s calling
A canary to Lahore.

American jihad.
Sleeper cell jihad.

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Copyright 2012 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo Garcia
June 7, 2010 Monterey, California