Ahmed crossed the Southern border
Hidden in the trunk
Of a blue Toyota four-door.
When they pulled him out,
He was punch drunk.

He was met by his controller.
So they wandered north
Across the Arizona desert,
When he dropped his Koran
On the desert floor.

Maria saw them in the badlands
When they stopped to drink.
When they left, she found the Koran.
Didn’t know what it was,
Or what to think.

Ahmed arrived at the madrasa,
Met the Saudi Arabian.
They gave him the explosives
And the belt full of dirty Uranium.

Maria took the Koran to the police.
They were suspicious of her motives.
They thought she was a disciple
Of the Religion of Peace.
They searched her body for explosives
While Ahmed snuck into Los Angeles.

Ten thousand people were blown up
By Sharia Law.
The authorities closed the killing zone up,
And made top secret
What Maria saw.

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Copyright 2012 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo Garcia
February 5, 2011 Rancho San Clemente, California