Sooner than later, don’t know when,
I will let you down again.
That’s how it goes,
Between women and men.

I’m Big Daddy, feet of clay,
Listening to you cry each day.
That’s how it goes,
One long sad complaint.

On the phone again,
Cryin’ to your friends.

I’m so cruel to let you be.
Some women, they can’t bear to be free.
That’s how it goes,
Between you and me.

There’s no cure for life.
I ain’t Jesus Christ.

Speakin’ of which, drop your cross.
My hilltop’s where you got lost.
That’s how it goes.
Let’s calculate the cost.

I could break my back,
Lifting what I lack

All to prove that I love you.
Once you liked I was above you.
That’s how it goes,
Ain't gonna cry because

You can’t be satisfied.
Can’t deny I tried

To comfort you the night he died
Bullet through the head, suicide.
That’s how it goes.
Hope you’re satisfied.

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Copyright 2012 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo Garcia
April 15, 2011 Monterey, California