When we run to meet the moon
In the twilight dawn,
Running ‘cross the endless lawn,
Hand in hand, cheek to cheek,
I know our love goes on and on.

The night is lovely, dark and deep.
I’m yours to love, not to keep.

When we try to catch the moon,
We give up too soon,
As we witness flying geese
Wing to wing, heading east,
We’re tied here to the earth, marooned.

You hang above me as I sleep.
I’m yours to love, not to keep.

The night is long, and through it all,
We long to sleep behind a wall
We built from love,
Piece by piece,
Lent to us,
However brief.

Shackled to the taunting moon,
We can see the sun
Liberate the heavens now,
Star by star, cloud by cloud,
As seeds erupt up from the ground.

The fruits of love are yours to reap.
I’m yours to love, not to keep.

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Copyright 2012 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo Garcia
Lyrics: April 7, 2011 Monterey, California
Music: Andrew Parker June 19, 2011 Salinas, California