Renaldo Garcia

To Opulence

Everybody Pays


Some folks pay for it with labor,
others pay it with their search.
Some folks take it from their neighbor,
and give it to the church.
Others try to buy approval,
and pay for it with praise.
Everybody pays, everybody pays.
Masters pay for it with orders, which the slave obeys
Everybody pays.

People pay for it with service,
and then wait for their reward.
And if waiting makes them nervous,
they’ll pay because they're bored.
Some folks pay with their removal,
and go out in a daze.
Everybody pays, everybody pays.
Some win it in the jackpot and lose it in the maze.
Everybody pays.

Some folks pay for it with dollars.
Others pay for it on time.
Some men steal the best white collars
and pay for it with crime.
Russians pay it with the ruble.
The Vatican just preys.
Everybody pays, everybody pays.
Some take it from the watchdog and feed it to the strays.
Everybody pays.

Some pay it with their body.
Then they try to stop the clock.
Some men pay by being naughty, and worshipping their cock,
Which they try to set afire in the Amazon blaze.
Everybody pays, everybody pays.
Women win it with their cunning,
while the body just decays.
Everybody pays.

Rich men pay it with their taxes,
or they pay for it in guilt,
While the gigolo relaxes and plays it to the hilt.
Some pay for it by hire,
some play it as it lays.
Everybody pays, everybody pays.
Some win it with their logic,
then lose it in a craze.
Everybody pays.

No one pays it on the outside.
We must pay as we arrive.
None breaks through to the other side.
None gets out of here alive.
Some buy it with their power,
then pay with cheap displays.
Everybody pays, everybody pays.
God pays for it by watching over all He surveys.
Everybody pays.

Everybody pays, everybody pays.
The Universe is paying until its dying days.
Everybody pays.

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