Reinaldo Garcis

To Opulence



Every man who came before me, every woman, too:
I am standing on their shoulders. I have a better view.
I see things they could not guess at, like miracles and plagues.
Now my daughter’s on my shoulders, straightening her legs.

Stand tall, little darlin'. Look past the bend in the road.
Look beyond the horizon. You’ll be shown what’s still unknown
If you keep your eyes on the still point of the globe.

And all those who came before you, please remember them:
Your ancestors whose bones are dust. You’ll sing their requiem.

Sing out, little daughter. Sing for the dead ones who moan
Louder than the falling waters. You'’ll be shown what's still unknown
If you lay your fathers in the still point of the globe.

Yesterday is now tomorrow and tomorrow is today.
Don’t forget, the gate is narrow, and to pass through, you must pay

For all the sins your father claimed were his and his alone.
And when all your mothers shame your body, you’ll atone.

Yes, my little baby, carry the weightless load.
Carry it just like a lady, draped around you like a robe.
Bury all you gave me in the still point of the globe.

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