Glen Annie Road, Storke Rd., Next Right

I have lusted for you to climb my stares to nowhere.
I have been in isolation. Isolation makes me tender.
Tender makes me hard for you. You who are the center.

You’ve entrusted your warden with crust of the velvet.
He stoops in the garden, holding his heart on.
He’s hanging on hard on the soft of your breast, of your breast.

Others have lighted on you, lost inside your darkness.
Angels have died in your cave, the cave that sucks their hardness.
Hardness makes them long for you, you who are the sender.

Scorpio crawls on the blade of a knife,
Plunged in the folds of your quickening meat.
There’s quivering lips on the milk of your breast, of your breast.

I have been waiting for you, to climb my stares to nowhere...

Copyright 2006 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García
August 1972 W-B Ranch, Walker Basin, CA

Glen Annie

This, the oldest song in the set, was written in August 1972 at my grandfather’s hacienda in Walker Basin's W-Bar-B Ranch. During that period, I discovered the thrill of using real, albeit unknown, place names in my songs. These words are found on a Highway 101 sign near U.C. Santa Barbara. The sign seemed somehow sinister, and resonated with the song’s lyrics. In my mind, Tim Buckley (1947-1975) was singing it.

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