Alma My Dear

Like water to the lake,
As the skin is to the snake,
I hold you near, Alma my dear.
Come over here and hear
the lovebirds coo in the willow tree.
What I am to you, you are to me.

Like the leaf to the branch,
As the snow is to the avalanche
In which we disappear, Alma my dear:
No earthly fear nor heavenly taboo will ever make me leave.
What I am to you, you are to me.

I’m the rosebud on your sled.
You’re the lover in my bed.
In some rosy dawn when we’re found dead,
Soul-to-soul we'll still be wed...

Like blackness to the cave,
As the sea spray to the wave
before it hits the pier, Alma my dear:
None will interfere and nothing will subdue our deep blue sea.
What I am to you, you are to me.

Copyright 2006 NAJA MUSIC Reinaldo García
September 10, 2000 Monterey, CA

Alma My Dear

A tribute to my wife, Alma Sandra Castro García,
it first appeared on my 2001 CD, Opulence.

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