That Bitch Is Doggin' Me

She keeps her pussywhipped hubby on a pearl-lined leash,
Stuffin' his mouth with wine and quiche.
Now she's sniffin' my property.
Now that bitch is stalkin' me.
Look out! That bitch is doggin' me.

She's trailin' me across the Crone-Eyed River.
All I've got is this bone I'd give her.
She's chased me down to the fog and sea.
Come on down to the dock and see.


She's howlin' like a horny hyena,
Handin' out tickets to the stormy arena.
Listen to her screech:
"I'll give that leech a public floggin', free!"
"I'm doin' it for Jesus, for God, and me!"

They say her bark is worse than her bite,
But she ate her litter one dark night.
Now she wants to eat my cock and me.
Come on down to the muddy peet bog and see.


That Bitch is Doggin

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