I Love You, Good-bye (For Lina Rodríguez)

Now you say that you love me, but you can't be with me.
Maybe it's the timing, maybe it’s the chemistry.
Maybe there’s no reason. There doesn't have to be.
Love is never logical. Love is only free.

Baby, you can laugh about it.
Baby, think I’ll cry.
I love you. Good-bye.

The world is a foreign country. We're all lost at sea.
Maybe it’s the language. Maybe it’s the century.
There’s an old illusion that we must see through:
Baby, we're not separate, no matter what the world may tell you.


No matter where you are in the days to come,
Part of me is with you when each day is done.
It’s the best part of me, the part you brought to birth.
It’s the heart of me. It’s all I’m worth upon this earth.

I am just a wanderer from an ancient myth.
I will always love you, no matter who you’re with.
You gave me a challenge that I will live up to.
Thank you for the purity. Thank you for being you.

God will go with you ‘til after you die. We are together.
If not on this earth, somewhere in the empty sky.



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