We’ll incarcerate the pros and cons
After we spray them with orgasms at dusk.
Then we'll unfreeze the frozen pawns
With reptile juice and spasms of musk.

Cinnamon robot,
Grinding your pedals.
Homemade or store bought,
You’re all precious metals.

The judge was robed in flaming ermine
When he told the multitude to make a wish
During the sermon on Mount Vermin.
So we all turned the rats into fish.

Blue barracuda
Scaling the mountain.
Lion of Judah,
Drinking the fountain.

The rainbow rain falls like chameleons,
Drenching peregrines and their poor kids.
They hold bouquets of camellias
And fly away on wings of orchids.

Titanium flowers,
Burning your petals.
Flaunting your powers
Until the dust settles.


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