Back When You Believed in Me

In another century,
I sent my boys to set you free.
We gave you such sweet liberty,
Back when you believed in me.

You no longer want protection.
You can make it on your own.
Look across the ocean, brother.
See the flags of skull and bones.

A fleet of ships propelled by hate,
Rolling in on crimson tides.
Barbarians are at the gate,
They’re in league with those inside.


I am not your enemy.
I thought I was your favored friend.
I’ll stand back while you go down
The party path down to the end.

You were to the manor born.
It’s not my fault your banner’s torn,
Ripped up by the Lord of Flies.
I want a great love before I die.


I’ll rip the fabric of time, and step right through to you.
I pray you will receive me in gardens drenched in morning dew.

Copyright 2010  NADJA MUSIC  Reinaldo Garcia
Lyrics: May 25, 2009 (Memorial Day)  Monterey, California
Music: Andrew Wleklinski  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Vocals: Richard Bryant
Guitar, Piano, Drums: Michael Glines

Produced by Reinaldo Garcia
Mixed by Aaron Rauber
Mastered by Fett

Success = boredom

Copyright 2010 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García

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