The Miracle I Live With

I pause on the staircase and look down on you,
Surrounded by angels who smile as they hover.
And then I continue on up to the bedroom
To find you’re already there, O my lover,

The miracle I live with.

Down through the skylight, the light from a star
Blankets our bodies with celestial cover,
While all of the angels who’ve come from afar
Hang there in the air thanks to you, O my lover,

The miracle I live with.

Out on the highway the dogs of the night,
They howl for the master who taught them to suffer,
While you’re on the balcony dressed all in light,
Calling the mongrels to you, O my lover.

The miracle I live with.

Through the halls of mystery,
Across the fields of chance,
I move in silent harmony
And never do advance
Across the wide expanse
To where the horses prance
Before they run to me.
Here they come to me.
Here they come, here they come, here they come…

And you’re riding bareback all naked and wild,
Your senses wide open to all you’ll discover.
And high on the balcony I see the child
Of the universe smiling at you, O my lover,

The miracle I live with.

Copyright 2010  NADJA MUSIC  Reinaldo Garcia
Lyrics: May 30, 1992  Zayante, California  
Music: June 18, 2010  Monterey, California

Vocals: Chris James
Chip Abernathy - drums and percussion
Brian Pepo - bass
Tim Thompson - acoustic and electric guitars
Dane Bryant - all keyboards (including the "keycordion")

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Fett,
Azalea Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Success = boredom

Copyright 2010 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García

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