Consider Me

Consider me
In any big decision you might make.
Believe me,
I will wait.
What will it take for you to see?
When all your castles fall into the sea,
Consider me.

Why can’t you see
My heart is deep and wide enough for two?
Believe me,
I want you.
I’ve carved your name into a tree.
I’ll cut it down and build a home.
Oh please, consider me.

I know you’re seeing
A man who’ll be leaving.
Someday you’ll face that bitter truth.
I’d make it so magic.
We’d burn like a match stick,
Ablaze with the fire of passionate youth.

Consider me.
I’m crazy about your eccentricities.
Your lace sleeves, the way you sneeze
When Springtime’s dust is on the breeze.
If you could hear me,
I know you’d agree.
Consider me.

Copyright 2010  NADJA MUSIC  Reinaldo Garcia
June 10, 1989  Bourbon Street Restaurant and Bar, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Music: Mark Alexander  December 6, 1990  Plymouth MA

Vocals: Richard Bryant
Guitars, Piano, Background Vocals: Michael Glines

Produced by Reinaldo Garcia
Mixed by Aaron Rauber
Mastered by Fett

Success = boredom

Copyright 2010 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García

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