The Prince

Morning awakens the forest.
A figure emerges.
Reflecting his suit of bright mirrors,
Sunlight converges.

Look at his flaming bright saber,
Held high in the morning.
He’ll make the children all safer,
In a world dressed in mourning.

Welcome the Prince, all hail the Prince.
Look at the gifts that he brings.
All hail the new king!

Decades of training have steeled him.
He’s harder than metal.
Spiritual training has healed him.
He’s mastered the devil.

Ministers called by the kingdom
Hand him his scepter.
Multitudes cheer the new ruler,
Drinking his nectar.


He has more to fear from the adulation of parasites
Than from his enemies conspiring in the night.

Festivals brighten the kingdom,
The weak and the mighty.
Let us all pray for his wisdom,
So he will rule wisely.



Copyright 2010  NADJA MUSIC  Reinaldo Garcia
Lyrics: June 12, 2009  Monterey, CA
Music: Andrew Parker  Salinas, CA

Vocals: Richard Bryant, Joy Bonner
Guitars and Bass: Andrew Parker
Drums: Tim Burke

Produced by Reinaldo Garcia
Mixed by Aaron Rauber
Mastered by Fett

Success = boredom

Copyright 2010 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García