Don’t look at my face.
See what I have in my hand.
I hold the key to a different place
Where you’ll find the New Man,

On the stairway to the stars.

I come from Beyond.
Gravity and light bent me.
See me now before I am gone
Back to those who sent me.

Down the stairway from the stars.

We are carbon-based,
Blessed with unlimited mind,
Connected to where we can’t be traced.
A place no mortal can find,

But on the stairway to the stars.

I was chosen for this task
By the Elders who tested me.
They never did ask.
Now I’ve come to set you and me free
On the stairway to the stars.

Repeat bridge and first verse

Copyright 2010  NADJA MUSIC  Reinaldo Garcia
June 19, 2010  Monterey, California

Vocals: Chris James
Chip Abernathy - drums and percussion
Brian Pepo - bass
Tim Thompson - acoustic and electric guitars
Dane Bryant - all keyboards

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Fett,
Azalea Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
(Second engineer, Paul Cooke)


Copyright 2010 NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García

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