I have winged from coast to coast examining your tombs.
All around me I saw ghosts in dark and dusty rooms.
Knowledge was my guiding light until it burned my skin.
I beat my wings till I took flight. Phantoms pulled me down again.

(Forgive them)
The wind blows through my bones and fills my human lungs.
It whistles 'round the tombstones and talks in foreign tongues.

Let me rise above this fallen world where all the billions live.
What keeps me in this walled-in world is what I can't forgive.
O give to me the secret key to all I ever wanted.
Forgiving you will set me free. Until that day, I'm haunted.


Haunted by the violations, haunted by conspiracies,
Haunted by investigations wanted by my enemies...

I poisoned them with all the love I should have given me.
Yet still I hear a voice above, calling to this refugee:

Dimitte Illis...


Copyright NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García

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