Cowboy or Christian

The morning I rode out, they said to me,
"Watch out for whirlwinds and preachers in black.
"Keep your horse watered, and your pistol well-oiled.
"Travel by night, then hole up in the shack.
"It's hidden by trees," they said, "at the edge of the ravine.
"Take detailed notes till we arrive on the scene."
I did what they said. Now in the wind I'm twistin'.
I know I won't be saved by cowboy or Christian.

The first morning, I spied that town by telescope.
The sheriff was crooked, the DA was corrupt.
I saw bribes paid by a preacher in black.
The slaves in the fields were gonna erupt.
I wrote it down, then watched the eagles in the sky.
They flew into a whirlwind. What did that signify?
I wrote down the truth. They said it was fiction.
I know I won't be saved by cowboy or Christian.

I sent my journals by carrier pigeons.
My bosses burned the pages and roasted the birds.
A column of smoke rose in the distance.
A voice said, "You can't describe this in words."
At the edge of my firelight, I saw the preacher in black.
From under his coat, he pulled out The Devil's Almanac.
He said, "On page 322, you'll see this suggestion."
He read it to me. It said, "You know you won't be saved by cowboy or Christian."

I took the book from him. It exploded in my hands.
The moon rose in the east. I saw the townfolk approach.
Bathed all in silver, they called on me to join them.
Then comin' 'round the mountain, I saw the stagecoach.
Pulled by sixteen slaves, the coach was all dressed in light.
So white, so bright, it blinded my sight.
The preacher laughed and said, "Even fools with ambition
"Know they won't be saved by cowboy or Christian."

I reached for my gun. I shot the slaves dead.
The coach rolled to a stop. A suitcase shook loose.
The sheriff and the DA and the preacher in black said,
"All blind men are guilty." I heard the rustle of a noose.
I've got one bullet left, for them or for me.
How can I aim it when I can't even see?
One thing I learned since I began this mission:
I know I won't be saved by cowboy or Christian.

Copyright NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García