No Complaints

You wed the Queen of Africa. She took you to her bed.
You made a baby there that night. By morning it was dead.
You lived to tell us all your tale of children you erased.
I've got no complaints.

You found yourself inside a maze you'd made out of bamboo.
You rotted there for forty days, 'til your shadow and you embraced.
We were there to see you through. You broke through all restraints.
I've got no complaints.

A cobra was your favorite pet. You walked him on dry land.
When you tried to give him eyes, he bit your helping hand.
All that poison made you wise about the ways of snakes.
I've got no complaints.

Once you railed against the God who made you out of dust.
Now you spare your God the rod because you know you must.
Let us praise all His mistakes because they come with grace.

You built a church all made of glass and brought the sinners in.
They all said saints are losers and every winner sins.
Now you know that sinners are no better off than saints.
I've got no complaints.

Instrumental section

The graffiti artist sprays the wall with news of our decline.
Iron rains erase it all in some divine design.
The Universe abhors a void. It gave you all these paints.
I've got no complaints.

Copyright NADJA MUSIC Reinaldo García